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Testerz offers a wide variety of products! There's something for everyone. The process is so clear and easy. The team is friendly and responsive to any of your questions! I've recommended many people to give them a try. And everyone that has registered has agreed that it's a great community to a part of.

Kelsey J. - Tester

I love that allows me to try products and explore items that I may not normally purchase. I receive the funds immediately after confirming I’m available to purchase the product. There is no worry if I will be reimbursed. Money first, then I purchase within 24 hours of receiving the money. Also, I enjoy the fact that I’m able to post a true review. I’m not swayed to report a positive review unless I truly enjoyed the experience.

Marissa M. - Tester

What I love most about being on the team is that I get the opportunity to try out a variety of products. The process is easy. Right after I email them confirming that I want to test a product out, I receive the funds very quickly. The selection of items is cool because there is such a variety of items, and many of them are very useful. I would definitely recommend this program to someone else.

Valeria T. - Tester

What are the benefits of a tester?

Free Products - Select which products, out of hundreds, you'd like to try for free. Receive 100% of the funds in advance of purchase. Keep products forever.

Free Products

Our process is simple and straightforward. Select items. We send you funds. You leave honest comments on the product. That's it!

Minimum Effort

We don't require you to check in at our office or anything. You can test the products from anywhere on your own schedule.

No Hassle

We don't require reviews and we won't influence what you write. We just want your honest comments, in whatever form you choose to send them back to us.

Reviews Not Required

So how does this work exactly?

1. Register

Fill out this quick form and get approved within 24hrs. Must have Amazon Prime.

Once approved, we'll send you an introductory email with several products to try. Do a great job on your first project and we'll send you hundreds of items to choose from.

2. Choose Products

After you select an item, we send funds via PayPal so you can purchase it on Amazon. Send us the order confirmation number.

3. Delivery

4. Submit Comments

Test the product and submit your honest thoughts on how you liked it (or not).

Don't stop at one product, we have hundreds of products that you could test.

5. Select More Items to Try

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Yes, you are able to pick multiple products at once. We usually limit testers to 3 at a time. Finish those and we'll send you more.

Can I review more than one product?

Do I have to make any upfront payment in order to get started?

Absolutely not. Once you register and pick a product you wish to test, we will send you the required funds via PayPal so you can order it on Amazon 100% free of charge. We'll even cover taxes.

No. In fact, you don't need to leave a review at all. More than 95% of our testers voluntarily choose to leave reviews, but they're not required. If you prefer to send us an email with your comments and/or fill out our own product feedback form, that's totally fine. We just want your honest thoughts!

Do I need to provide only positive reviews?

Do I need to write the review on the Amazon product listing only?

Not necessarily. You can also provide your feedback to our dedicated product feedback team if that makes it easier for you.

Yes. You always get to keep the products to try. All we ask is that you leave some form of commentary on the items you test. That's it

Do I get to keep all the products I'm testing?

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